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How to Shop Cruelty-Free

I wish it was as simple as reading a label to know whether or not a product is cruelty free when you’re out shopping but it’s really not.

Companies find ways to twist words to make it seem like they’re all about fighting animal testing when really, they’re doing it.

That’s why I have come up with this ‘How to Shop Cruelty Free Guide’

Follow these steps before you purchase that new mascara or eyeshadow and you’ll be well on your way to being fabulous and cruelty free.

Here’s how you can purchase guilt-free products:


Check out your favourite products for the Leaping Bunny Certification. It is  usually displayed on the back of a product. The Leaping Bunny is internationally recognized and actually requires that companies agree to independent audits. There are many other bunny logos out there but this one upholds to the highest standards. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive as companies have to apply to be considered. There are other companies that are cruelty-free just not certified... so keep reading :) 

shop cruelty free  


If you don't see the bunny, check out Logical Harmony’s Cruelty Free & Vegan Brand List (if they’re not on this list, there’s a reason why). This is website run by one of the most recognized and trusted cruelty-free bloggers!

You can also try a quick google search - Type in things like “Does ___ test on animals” – a lot of information will come up, read from third party websites (don’t trust company websites). Companies will often hide the message by using sentences like "Do not test on animals unless required by law" - red flag!!

At this point, you may also want to decide how you feel about parent companies. There are many great companies that are dedicated to being cruelty-free but are owned by larger corporations that actually do test on animals. 

Even those listed on Leaping Bunny may have parent companies that DO test on animals


If all else fails, go ahead and email the company you’re interested in. Ask specific questions such as:

Are their products or are any ingredients tested on animals?

Are they sold in China?

Do third parties test on their behalf?

If they don’t get back to you… it’s safe to say stay clear of them


There are hundreds of ingredients that have already been approved for safety measures in cosmetics, household items, etc. These items are not required to undergo further safety testing which means no little animals harmed, yay! When you see a new ingredient, it means that it does not have a proven safety record. This type of testing often involves animals. 


It is sad that it has become so difficult to decipher what actually goes on with our products before we have them in our hands. We think it's important to be aware and make educated purchases. 

There are many wonderful companies out there, dedicated to ensuring that no animals are harmed and we do our very best to support them! 

We hope this helps on your cruelty-free journey!



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